Thursday, January 1, 2015

6 & 7 Months

I knoooow seriously 7 months already??? 
Its crazy how time is flying but then again it doesn't lol If that makes any weird sense. 

At 7 months she:

•can eat table food & her baby food
•sits up with no support
•sleeps through the night with minimal breastfeeding 
•sleeps in bed with mom & dad & takes majority of the space lol 
• grabs any & everything 
•knows familiar faces 
•when she gets shy she blushes & hides on your chest *cutest thing everrrrr*
•tries to crawl but hasn't got the hang of it 
•loves to play with her toys 
•doesn't like her saucer anymore; she prefers to be on the floor with her playmat & toys 
•she likes to stand while holding on her toys
•loves singing songs like "If you're happy & you know it"
•she says da-da & ba-ba 
•still only has her bottom 2 teeth 
•still wears sz 4 Pampers 

Happy 7 months my sweet girl! Mommy loves you more than you can imagine! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Months & SF Giants WIN World Series!

Yup! That girl right up there is 5 months!!!! 
I decided to dress her up in her costume for her 5 month picture since it is October & how cute is my very own life size chocolate cupcake :-) 

At 5 months she can: 

• start to roll over (if she doesn't give up & cry! Lol)
•laught very very easily 
•lay on her back for a long period of time on her Lion King Activity playmat 
•loves her saucer & stays in there after feedings or when I need to do things around the house 
•notices Mommy & cries when Im out of HER sight 
•sit up with support & sometimes by herself
•wears size 4 in Pampers Cruisers 
•eat baby food (sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, apples & banana. She breaks out in a rash if she eats squash) cannot wait to purchase a baby bullet soon!!! 
•eats baby food twice a day (morning & late afternoon/evening)
•grabs things in front her (careful she's quick!)
•pulls the heck outta your back of head hairs (ouch!)
•pinches randomly 
•has a tight grip 
•watches you EAT literally... If your mouth is chewing shes looking at what you are munching/drinking on 
•her left hand is her strong hand 
•gets up at night often for a diaper change or a feeding (no more sleep through the nights :-( she's too hungry lol 
•doesn't care for TV no matter how hard I try to put on Disney channel lol 
•Loves to stand when being held & doesn't like to sit 
•knaws at her gums (I think I see teeth through those gums!) 

Aaaaaaand THE SF GIANTS BEAT THE KC ROYALS 3-2 & WON the WORLD SERIES!!!!! 3rd time in 5 years!!!!! 

Such an intense great game!!!!!!
#bumgarner #sandavol 

Pitchers were on FIIIIIYAAAAH tonite! 

Sooo proud of these guys!!!! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 months???!!!!

Yup! She's 4 months already!!!! 
She LOVES to squeal, yell or talk.
She's a size 3 in Pampers cruisers
She currently wears 6-9 months but dresses 6-12months 
She currently weighs 16pounds & 7 ounces Of pure liquid gold :-)
Her head circumference is 16 1/2 inches 
She's 26 inches long 
She jumps up & down in her saucer & 
While taking baths too (its pretty cute & funny!)
She can sit up by herself for a good 15 seconds before falling entirely
Its so bad that she wont go to her Dad! 
She cries her eyes out & when she 
takes one look @ me she stops & 
smiles! But continues to cry until I take 
her then shes quiet & happy 
Its a pro & a con lmbooo 
She loves her brothers though 

We love you Fina-Vea!!!!! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3 months

Yup our girl is 3 months! 

She squeals, yells, talks a lot & loves to be spoken to. She is drooling non stop & loves eating her fingers! She definitely knows her Momma & loves being with her brothers! Especially after school when we pick them up! She has a huge smile when her brothers fight over who gets to hold her first! 
She follows me with her eyes when in her walker, her swing or when I lay her in my room while Im cleaning. Her head moves back & forth follliing my every move. Its so cute!
      Her cries have gotten louder & harder! She cries really loud when shes tired & hungry at the same time! Deadly combo lol  I am still nursing full time &  still enjoying it. Ive gotten used to lying down with her & nursing her! Sooo much better & gives my bum a goodbreak from   being numb! Lol (tmi?) 
     She is still sleeping through the night & I still push it by staying up where I should be sleeping as soon as I put her down! I swear I never learn! 

Love you my big 3 month old 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1 month milestone....

Im not gonna lie... The first few days & weeks were very very difficult with this being my first time breastfeeding FULL time! I was sleep deprived, I barely ate, I felt like I nevew saw my family & I was always tired. And it felt like I was breastfeeding EVERY minute of the day!!! Lol 
As soon as I got the hang of it, my days were getting brighter. I felt comfortable with my bf positions, I was noticing her times of eating & I was so happy to see pee & poop diapers which was a good sign she's eating well :) 
Before we knew it, a month rolled by...

2 Months... I can't believe it!

I cannot believe she's 2 months!!! 

-She looooves to be talked & sang too 
-She's a Mommys Girl 
-She currently wears size 2 diapers
-She wears 3-6 months onesies 
-3 months pjs fit perfectly. Im pretty sure by next month she'll probably be 3-6 months lol 
-12 pounds 
-23 inches 
-makes bubbles with her saliva 
-sucks on her fingers
-sleeps through the night 
-she looooves taking baths 
-sleeps on her back 

We are enjoying every smile, every coo, every yawn & every diaper change! 

Looove my girl,  


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Its A Girl!!! What a Way to Bring in the New Year!

Heyyyyy my awesome Bloggers!
      Yes I am STILL alive! I often always thought about writing in my blog last year, buuuut I would get too lazy or too busy with my kids to actually sit on my computer & blog! So I downloaded the blogger app today for quick writing purposes! When Im in a writer's mood I will def pay a visit to my Mr. MAC ;-) 
      Yes its 2014 & my how time has flown! Im not even gonna try & catch you up on a whole years worth! So lets just start fresh ok?? :-) 
      I can't promise you Ill be back to my faithful writing days, like previous posts! But I will drop in to say Hi once in a while! 
Especially since I'm back on my writing in my Journal days. I feel like Im just going to repeat myself. Id rather write in my Journal since Ive tried the blogging thing for a while! But I promise Im not neglecting you! Ill def most likely share my special  & imspiring memories with you all here!
     Yes you read RIGHT! We are expecting our First Baby Girl come MAY 2014!!!! We couldn't be any more happy, excited, elated, blessed, humbled, nervous & grateful ALL at the same time!  I am still in shock & disbelief quite honestly! I swore I was gonna produce nothing  but knuckleheads! Lol But thankfully Heavenly Father blessed us with this beautiful new spirit where I get to take a break from the chaos, loud craziness that boys have to offer! He knows me best! My boys are beyond excited & my hubby.... Let's just say he is about to be love on a whole 'notha level is what I hear! We can't wait to meet you Baby Girl!!!!! We looove you soooo much & we cant wait to spoil you with countless of kisses  & hugs!!!! 
     Well, it was nice chatting with you! I hope I will chat with you all soon! Let's make this a better year than the last & remember that everyday is a gift! I love my family & I love my life! Have a great blessed weekend! 
 PS. Here I am just hitting my 20 week mark! Half way there!!! I think Im getting a pedi to celebrate this awesome milestone! :-)